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Need an answer? You've come to the right place. Our reference database addresses a variety of topics, from how to use your Emirates Delivers online account to providing declared values for your purchases and much more.

Please note, these FAQs are subject to updates. Please check back from time to time for the latest information.

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Yes. Once you receive your membership confirmation, you are ready to start shopping! We will immediately begin accepting all of your purchases.

Please ensure that all of your shipments include your Emirates Delivers address with your unique suite number. Any packages shipped to us with an incomplete or inaccurate address will cause delays and will be handled by our special handling department.

No. Emirates Delivers provides you with a street address, not a P.O. Box. You will receive a complete street address with a unique suite number.

Example of Emirates Delivers street address:

Your name
4285 Express Lane
Suite ####-###
Sarasota, FL 34249
All U.S.A. shipping companies will be able to deliver to your Emirates Delivers address.

If you are having difficulty registering for a Emirates Delivers membership, please follow these steps:

  • 1.
    Clear the cache on your Web browser
  • 2.
    Make sure your Web browser is up to date. Out of date browsers may have functionality issues

If you continue to experience problems, please visit our contact us page. We will need the following information:

  • 1.
    Your full name
  • 2.
    Type of Web browser you are using

Enter your Emirates Delivers address as the "Shipping address" as shown below, whenever you buy from U.S.A. online stores.

Name: Your name
Address (line 1): 4285 Express Lane
Address (line 2): Suite XXXX-XXX (enter your suite number here)
City: Sarasota
State: Florida or FL
Zip code/Postal code: 34249-2602

To find your Emirates Delivers address, sign in to your account, and it will be in the upper right-hand corner. Some websites (e.g., Amazon) will require you to enter the zip code/postal code as 34249-2602, while other websites may only require you to enter 34249. In the event, the retailer does not accept 34249, you can provide our alternative zip code 34238.

You may also be asked for a “billing address" when paying online retailers. Use the home country address associated with your credit card.

Sometimes your retailer will require you to add a telephone number in which you can use: (941)-538-6941

When you sign in to your Emirates Delivers account you can:

  • 1.
    Check if your purchases have been received
  • 2.
    Create a ship request
  • 3.
    Check the status of your shipments (tracking)
  • 4.
    Change any of your account details such as shipping preferences, shipping address and membership information

Please note: You will receive an email notification when you receive a package, or when we send a shipment to you.

We're sorry to hear you would like to cancel your membership and would like to work with you to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Please contact us and let us know why you are requesting to cancel and what we can do to resolve any pending issues that you might be facing.

If you would like to proceed with your membership cancellation, please submit a written request from the contact us page.

  • 1.
    Make sure your Caps lock button is not turned on
  • 2.
    Make sure your Web browser is updated to the latest version
  • 3.
    Clear the cache on your Web browser

If you receive a package that does not include a merchant invoice, or the invoice did not show the value of the purchase, you will need to enter the value into your account. This information is required by customs.

You can find the value of your purchases on the invoice or order confirmation you received from the merchant. To enter your merchandise values:

  • 1.
    Sign in to your Emirates Delivers account
  • 2.
    In My suite, go to the Action required tab
  • 3.
    Click the arrow of the item that requires action
  • 4.
    Enter the value of each item at unit price level
  • 5.
    Click Upload Invoice and proceed to attach a copy of your invoice
  • 6.
    Click Confirm Values to complete the process

Please note, until you have completed the above steps, these items will not be added to the Ready to Send tab.

A merchant invoice (MI), or payment receipt, is a document that shows the price you paid for merchandise you have purchased. The document may also contain other information, including the name and address of the sellers.

Many merchants automatically include a merchant invoice with your package, and some may email you an electronic merchant invoice.

Please keep a record of your merchant invoices so you can provide them to Emirates Delivers or your customs office if required for export or import purposes.

Many merchants automatically include an invoice with your purchases. In some cases, it may be necessary to request that the merchant includes a paper invoice. If a merchant emails you an invoice or payment receipt, you may need to ask the merchant to also include a merchant invoice with your purchases.

If you purchase from an eBay seller or private individual, it may be necessary to email the seller and request a merchant invoice showing the seller's name, address and the price you paid for your purchases.

Special note about gift items:

If you indicate your item is a gift, the seller may include a merchant invoice that does not show the price you paid for your purchase. If your package arrives with a gift receipt rather than a complete merchant invoice, you will be asked to provide additional information before Emirates Delivers can ship your purchases.

To comply with U.S. export regulations, Emirates Delivers must have the actual purchase prices of items we export. In many cases, we must also have the name and address of the seller.

When Emirates Delivers receives a package with a merchant invoice that includes prices, we will enter the values and seller’s name and address for you. In most cases we will not need any additional information from you, so the merchant invoice can help you receive your purchases more quickly.

If your package arrives without a merchant invoice, or if the invoice does not show the price you paid for merchandise, we cannot export your packages until we receive this information. Any packages requiring values or invoices can be found in the Action required tab in My suite. (please refer to the above "How do I enter merchandise values?" For the steps on how to complete this.

Yes. If your merchant invoice is in a different currency, we will convert the prices into U.S. dollars using the current exchange rate.

U.S. Census Bureau regulations require Emirates Delivers to properly value your goods. We create the Proforma Invoice for customs by entering the information provided on the merchant invoice/receipt that is used for customs clearance. The Proforma Invoice lists the value, quantity and description of the items.

This is a legally binding document.

If your package does not include a merchant invoice, or if it does not show the value of the purchase, we will need you to enter the values before we can ship your package.

We understand our members' concerns regarding confidentiality, and it is our policy never to sell or give away any member information. The privacy of our members is of utmost importance to us. Details can be found in our Privacy policy.

Emirates Delivers follows U.S. business days for export, which is from Monday to Friday. Imports and delivery business days are from Sunday to Thursday, which is in line with the U.A.E.

This status means our trade compliance team has determined we are unable to export this item. Please check your email for a detailed explanation, and to confirm your shipping options.

Certain fragile item like televisions or larger shipments may require review to confirm the available shipping options. We will notify you by email with your shipping options. Please review the email for reasons this package is on hold, and to see your shipping options.

Dangerous goods/hazardous materials are items with hazardous properties that can present a potential hazard. Emirates Delivers is able to ship some classes of dangerous goods in limited quantity. You can learn more about this on our Prohibited & restricted items guide.

Our Trade Compliance Team will review your item(s) to determine their classification and transportation regulations. The review is usually completed in 1 to 3 business days and you will receive an email with the resolution.

To expedite the review, please send Emirates Delivers an email with the Safety data sheet, seller invoice, and a link for the item(s) on

No, Upon create ship request there will be a breakdown provided under shipment details and options with all charges applicable.

Actual weight is the weight of the package when put on a scale. Dimensional weight is based on the size of the package. Large items that have a low Actual weight relative to their size, like pillows and lamp shades, will result in a larger Dimensional weight. Some people refer to Dimensional weight as "Volumetric weight."

Emirates Delivers calculates shipment by Actual weight only.

No. Emirates Delivers does not add a fuel surcharge to provide the best possible value to our members.

All import items are subject to VAT.

VAT is calculated as 5% value of Commercial invoice, Insurance, Shipping cost and Duty, Tax, Excise amount (if applicable). VAT= 5% of (C+I+F+D+E)

Insurance is optional and is charged per item based on declared invoice value of the items, at a cost of minimum AED 8 per AED 367 and an additional AED 8 for every additional AED 367 (invoice value) will apply.

Duties is calculated based on the value of Commercial invoice, Insurance and Shipping cost. DUT = 5% of (C+I+F)

A customs processing and documentation fee of AED 75.00 for all shipments where duty is applicable (Purchase value = AED 300 and above)

Insurance is an optional service per item, which is calculated against the declared value of the item(s). You can do this by signing into your account and clicking My account settings > Shipping preferences, and selecting Shipment insurance or when creating a shipment, select from the shipment details & options section.

While damaged or lost packages are rare, we recommend insuring each shipment in the unlikely event something does happen to your goods. In the event your shipment is damaged upon delivery or lost, Emirates Delivers can assist you with the claims process.

Insurance is charged based on the declared value of the items, and costs AED 8 per AED 367 of declared value; anything below is covered free of charge.

If your shipment is not delivered, or if items are missing or damaged, contact us immediately to begin the claims process.

For missing items:

If your shipment was not delivered, or if items were missing, you will need the following items to file a claim:

  • 1.
    Claim form: Contact us, and Emirates Delivers will provide you with the proper document
  • 2.
    Copy of the merchant invoice or receipt showing the purchase price

For damaged items:

If your item arrived damaged, you will need the following documentation to file a claim:

  • 1.
    Claim form: Contact us, and Emirates Delivers will provide you with the proper document
  • 2.
    Photos of the damaged item(s)
  • 3.
    Photos of inside and outside of box
  • 4.
    Copy of the merchant invoice or receipt showing the purchase price

Important filing deadlines:

Claims must be filed within 21 days from delivery date.

Claims are reviewed on an individual basis and can take up to two weeks. When a claim is approved, the reimbursement will be credited to your Emirates Delivers account and/or bank transfer. You can use the credit to pay for shipping costs on future shipments.

Insurance covers loss or damage to the items in your shipment. Claims can be filed for the declared value plus international shipping costs, if applicable.

Once you are ready to send your packages:

  • 1.
    Go to My suite > Ready to send
  • 2.
    Select the check box next to each package you want to include, and click Create ship request
  • 3.
    To request a pallet, select Add pallet for shipment under Shipment details & options

Please note: The fee for a pallet is $25 (AED 92). Also, a pallet will increase shipping costs by increasing the actual weight of your shipment.

How to submit a Ship request:

  • 1.
    Sign in to your account
  • 2.
    From My suite, go to the Ready to send tab
  • 3.
    Check the box to the right of each package you would like to include in the ship request
  • 4.
    Click Create Ship request
  • 5.
    Add any shipping options, and click Update totals to calculate shipping charges
  • 6.
    Click Ship Now
  • 7.
    The shipment status can now be viewed in your Queue

Please note: Using a pallet will add up to 40 pounds (18 Kg) to your shipment and will increase shipping costs , an additional $7 (AED 26) will be charged for processing.

We recommend shipping any television with a screen size of 32" or larger on a pallet. This provides extra protection for your TV, with a much lower risk of damage. The maximum insured declared value for televisions is $250 (AED 919), even if shipped on a pallet.

Once you are ready to send your packages:

  • 1.
    Go to My suite > Ready to send
  • 2.
    Select the check box next to each package you want to include, and click Create Ship request
  • 3.
    To request a pallet, select Add pallet for shipment under Shipment details & options

Please note: The fee for a pallet is $25 (AED 92). Using a pallet will add up to 40 pounds (18 Kg) to your shipment and will increase shipping costs with an additional $7 (AED 26) charged for processing.

Many stores pack your items in boxes that are too large or not properly prepared for international shipping. Emirates Delivers takes extra time to ensure all your purchases is properly packaged for international shipping. Our repackaging service will save you money in shipping costs and also helps ensure your purchases are not damaged during transport.

Emirates Delivers must review the contents of each package to determine if an Electronic Export Information (EEI) is required. If Emirates Delivers determines that an EEI is required for merchandise in your package, we must file an EEI and receive a confirmation number from the U.S. Government before we can export your package.

The U.S. Government primarily uses EEI reports to compile international trade statistics. An EEI includes information about the merchandise in your package, the U.S. seller, the buyer and other trade-related information. To complete an EEI filing with the U.S. Government, we must receive information about your merchandise, including:

  • 1.
    Merchant invoice
  • 2.
    U.S. tax ID or Employer Identification Number (EIN) of the seller

A tax ID or EIN is still required if the seller is an individual (e.g., eBay seller). When purchasing high-value merchandise ($2,500 or more), please verify the seller is willing to provide this information.

If merchandise in your package requires an EEI, we will gather the necessary information and complete the EEI process for a fee of $50. We will add this fee to the final costs for your package.

EEI is outlined in the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR), which are regulated by the U.S. Census Bureau and enforced by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Learn more about EEI and the FTR at

For more information you can also contact the U.S. Census Bureau's Foreign Trade Division at (800) 549-0595, option 3.

If you are unable to submit your ship request, please contact us.

We consolidate your items into one box, unless you specify otherwise. Our shipping rates decrease as the box weight increases, so it is almost always to your benefit to have one large box sent instead of several small boxes.

The transit time is typically three to five business days.

Yes. Emirates Delivers can split your package if it contains more than one item, and you wish to separate them into two packages. You can split your package and discard an item for a fee of $15 (AED 56).

To request a package split:

  • 1.
    Expand the package view in Ready to send
  • 2.
    Select Split package from the Optional services drop-down menu

You will also have the option to mark the request urgent and add comments to explain what you would like done.

Please note: Emirates Delivers cannot split packages for the purpose of allowing them to fall below the import duty threshold in your country.

Click here for a list of Items that are prohibited for export.

No. Emirates Delivers cannot export prescription medications, controlled substances or human growth hormones of any kind, for any reason.

Emirates Delivers cannot export assays, peptides, biological media and animal, veterinary or human vaccines. If you receive a package containing these items, U.S. regulations require Emirates Delivers to dispose of the items in a local disposal facility. Emirates Delivers cannot ship these items to any address, including back to the sender.

Emirates Delivers can export most over-the-counter medications, providing they arrive in original packaging and may be distributed within the U.S.A. To comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines, our compliance team must review all medications and verify they can be distributed. This compliance review will usually take less than 24 hours. However, it may take up to 72 hours for your package to be available to ship.

Please note: U.S. government regulations prohibit Emirates Delivers from exporting any non-prescription or over-the-counter medication that originated from a merchant outside the U.S.A.

No, Emirates Delivers cannot ship agricultural / fishery items for you even if they meet U.S. export requirements.

No. Emirates Delivers cannot export any item that contains controlled substances. Please do not ship controlled substances to your Emirates Delivers suite.

A controlled substance is any drug that is illegal or restricted for sale.

No. Emirates Delivers cannot export human growth hormones (HGH) of any kind. Please do not ship human growth hormones to your Emirates Delivers suite. Common examples of human growth hormones include Norditropin, Nutropin, Omnitrope, Saizen and Genotropin. Supplements and vitamins legally purchased for bodybuilding purposes, include Creatine, are not considered human growth hormones.

No. Emirates Delivers cannot export any motorized vehicle that requires a license to operate. Common examples include cars, trucks, e-scooters, e-bikes, hoverboards and motorcycles. Visit to enquire about customised motorised vehicle solutions

No. Emirates Delivers will not export any product that appears to be related to police, government or military activity. Common items include, but are not limited to:

  • 1.
  • 2.
    Uniform and accessories
  • 3.
    Protective clothing containing / including body armour
  • 4.
  • 5.
    Surveillance equipment

Please refer to Prohibited & restricted items guide for more information. If you are unsure whether a product is considered a police or military item, please contact us for assistance.

Emirates Delivers charges a fee of $7.00 (AED 26) to ship items that may require handling as dangerous or hazardous materials for international transport. Common dangerous goods include perfume, nail polish, glue, paint and batteries.

Some products require special boxes for international transit, with an additional $25 (AED 92) fee per box. Box fees will be included in your shipping costs.

No. Emirates Delivers cannot export prescription medications. Please do not ship prescription medications to your Emirates Delivers suite.

No. Emirates Delivers will not export any product that appears to be a weapon, weapon part or accessory to a weapon. This includes, but is not limited to, items restricted by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Common gun and weapon accessories include, but are not limited to:

  • 1.
    Scopes or sights
  • 2.
    Ammunition clips or magazines
  • 3.
    Pistol grips
  • 4.
    Rifle butt stocks
  • 5.
    Items equipped with night-vision
  • 6.
  • 7.
    Items equipped with lasers

Please refer to our Prohibited & restricted items guide for more information. If you are unsure whether a product is considered a weapon or accessory, please contact us for assistance.

Emirates Delivers will not ship any food product containing following ingredients:

  • 1.
    Wet food or meat products
  • 2.
    Red / White wine vinegar
  • 3.
    Pork products

All Halal products require a Halal certificate from seller/supplier. The original certificate must be attested by Islamic Halal council even if the products are for personal use by individuals in small quantity.

Emirates Delivers cannot export counterfeit, bootleg or knockoff items. If you receive an item that does not appear to be authentic, we will notify you by email and refer the item to our trade compliance team to verify its authenticity.

If the item is counterfeit and came from a merchant in the U.S.A. and the merchant provided a return label, we can help you return the item. If the merchant did not provide a return label, or if the merchant will not accept a return, we must discard the item. Emirates Delivers cannot ship counterfeit items to anyone other than the original seller, including individuals in the U.S.A.

Prohibited items: If an item is prohibited in the U.A.E. or for export from the U.S.A., we cannot ship it to you. If you are not sure if an item is prohibited, please contact us before ordering. If we receive an item we cannot ship to you, Emirates Delivers may be unable to ship it to any address, including back to the sender. In some cases, we may be required to dispose of it in a U.S. disposal facility.

Restricted items: Some restricted items can be shipped, but only after the Emirates Delivers compliance team reviews the item to ensure it complies with U.S. laws and laws in the U.A.E. The compliance review usually takes less than 24 hours, but it may take one to three business days before your package is available to ship. If you have questions about shipping a restricted item, please contact us before shipping the item to your Emirates Delivers suite.

Please review our Prohibited & restricted items guide before you shop.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regulations

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has determined that certain animal products cannot be exported, including endangered or threatened species, migratory birds and marine mammals.

Emirates Delivers does not allow products to be exported when they are made from animals protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Examples of animals protected under CITES include alligators, crocodiles, elephants, sturgeon caviar, python and teju lizard. More information on CITES and the wildlife it protects can be found here.

Exporting USFWS restricted items from the U.S.A. to your country

Emirates Delivers reviews animal products to determine if we are able to ship them in accordance with USFWS regulations. Additional fees may apply if the item is approved for export from the U.S. These items may contain sea shells (aquatic shells), animal teeth, animal horns, animal fur (e.g., fox, raccoon, coyote, mink, deer and rabbit), animal skins and leathers (e.g., ostrich, buffalo, bison), bird feathers, mother of pearl, untreated wood, plants, or any product that contains or is made of wildlife or plant material.

Common products where USFWS items may be found:

  • 1.
    Boots and winter coats made of fur or with fur trim hoods
  • 2.
    Handbags, jackets, wallets, shoes, and suitcases made of animal leather
  • 3.
    Hats or clothing that have feathers
  • 4.
    Musical instruments, watches and jewellery that contain mother of pearl

Some of these items can be exported with no additional paperwork, while others require a declaration for import and export that must be filed with USFWS. We always recommend that you contact us before purchasing an item that may be subject to additional licensing requirements.

Importing USFWS items into the U.S.A.

Emirates Delivers strongly recommends that you do not purchase products from other countries if they contain animal fur or other wildlife material. Products ordered from other countries require a completed import declaration, and any fees to complete the form will be charged to your Emirates Delivers account. An import declaration is required even if Emirates Delivers does not ship the product on your behalf.

In some cases, your shipment may be seized by customs if a proper import declaration is not provided by the shipper. If Emirates Delivers is not able to export a product that originated outside the US for you, due to USFWS regulations, it would not be returnable.

Be careful when ordering cosmetics from outside the U.S.A. Many contain caviar or snail extracts that are restricted for trade. When purchasing from sites such as eBay or Amazon, pay close attention to the "Ships from" information. These sites provide listing services for third party sellers and often merchandise ships from outside the U.S.A. Emirates Delivers will not be able to return these products to the seller.

Importing items containing animal products into your country

Emirates Delivers encourages you to confirm the U.A.E.'s requirements for animal products. These regulations change frequently, and you are responsible for providing any import documents or permits to your customs office or the carrier when items arrive in your country.

Dangerous goods/hazardous materials are items that require special handling, additional packaging and labelling to be transported internationally.

These items may or may not be allowed to ship to your country.

Items considered to be dangerous goods include: flammable items or items under pressure (e.g., hairspray, spray paint, lighters, nail polish and perfume)

Please view our Prohibited & restricted items guide for more information, or contact us for specific information regarding your country and the items you wish to ship.

The Total net quantity of all perfumes and aerosols cannot exceed 2Kg or 2L per package and the net quantity of each single item must not exceed 0.5Kg or 0.5L. Release valves on aersols must be protected by a cap or other suitable means to prevent inadvertent release of the contents.

We are allowed to export perfume in limited quantities to the U.A.E., with a special handling fee of AED 26.

The Total net quantity of all perfumes and aerosols cannot exceed 2Kg or 2L per package and the net quantity of each single item must not exceed 0.5Kg or 0.5L. Release valves on aersols must be protected by a cap or other suitable means to prevent inadvertent release of the contents

Yes. Emirates Delivers opens every package when it arrives at our facility. Our trained login agents carefully review your purchases to ensure they were not broken during shipping and are legal for export from the U.S.A.

If the merchant included an invoice, we will compare the contents of the package to the purchases shown on the invoice to ensure you received the correct number of items. If the invoice shows the price you paid, we will also enter these values for you.

If you receive an item that is not in the manufacturer's original packaging, or is not from a trusted merchant, we will open the product packaging to inspect the item. This allows Emirates Delivers to reduce fraud, and saves you shipping costs by verifying the correct product is in the package and is legal for export from the U.S.A.

No. Neither Emirates Delivers, nor our couriers, provide any form of temperature-controlled storage or transportation. Please do not ship items requiring refrigeration to your Emirates Delivers suite.

Common items that require refrigeration include frozen foods, perishable foodstuffs, temperature-sensitive medications, dry ice and chocolate.

No. Emirates Delivers does not provide temperature-controlled or humidity-controlled facilities.

Members receive 30 days of free storage. Packages stored past the free storage period will incur storage fees of $1 (AED 4) per package per day.

Storage fees continue to accrue until your package is shipped, discarded or returned to the sender. You will see storage charges itemised on your invoice when the package is shipped or discarded.

To ensure quality and compliance with U.S. export regulations, we must open and review all wrapped items. When possible, we make every effort to return wrapped items to their original condition.

Merchants often ship parts of the same order from different warehouses, or at different times. This means you may receive two or more packages, even though you only placed one order.

Emirates Delivers receives packages 24/7. Our receiving team works diligently to ensure packages are entered into your account within 24 hours of arrival at our US facility. You will receive an email each time we log a package into your account.

You can view shipments that have left our facility under My Shipments in your account. You will also see a link to the tracking information and can view the shipment invoice.

Yes. We will accept shipments to your Emirates Delivers address from any merchant or individual seller.

Spam filters sometimes include email you do want to receive. To ensure you receive all your account communications, we recommend that you add Emirates Delivers to your Safe senders list.

Emirates Delivers sends email alerts to you when we receive a package at your Emirates Delivers address, when your shipments leave our facility, and other important notifications.

Many U.S.A. stores pack their merchandise inefficiently, resulting in substantially higher shipping costs for international customers; utilising our free consolidation service we repack your items to save on shipping charges. To save the most at U.S.A stores, follow these tips :

  • 1.
    Always use your Emirates Delivers suite address as the "Ship to" address. Many merchants offer free shipping to U.S.A. addresses
  • 2.
    Check to see if coupons or discount codes are available
  • 3.
    Be sure to read the ratings and reviews of sellers
  • 4.
    Be prepared to spend more than a few minutes on these sites looking for the best products and deals
  • 5.
    There are typically multiple ways to get to a product; by category, price, features, etc.
  • 6.
    Consider rebates; sometimes manufacturers offer rebates after the product is purchased
  • 7.
    If you are unsure about a seller or retailer, check with the Better Business Bureau
  • 8.
    Shop around! Check different websites for the same product

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